South Africa Hydraulic fracturing regulations published 10 August 2015

Expediting Africa
Shale Gas & CBM & Tight Gas ploration Activities to Uncover the Huge
Reserves Potential

The long-awaited
and heavily-debated Regulations for Petroleum Exploration and Production were
enacted on 3 June 2015. The Minister of Mineral Resources is
expected to take a decision on pending Karoo exploration right applications in
the coming months.

Some changes with the draft regulation:
♦ Water monitoring has
been refined. The applicant or holder is now required to appoint an
independent specialist to conduct a hydrocensus which indicates potentially
affected water resources.
♦ The draft regulations
provided that the census had to be conducted on at least, a one kilometers
radius from the furthest point of potential horizontal drilling. The promulgated
regulations extended the radius to three kilometres.

SAOGA (South
Africa Oil &Gas Alliance), supporter of Unconventional Gas Convention
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Mr. Ebrahim
Takolia, CEO of SAOGA will speak at UGAS Africa 2015. Accompany with
Government officer:







Manager: Frontier Geology

Petroleum Agency SA


Mark Gordon

Deputy Director-General Chemicals and Waste

National Department of environmental affairs


Naledi Pandor

Minister of Science and Technology

National Department of environmental affairs


Paul Hardcastle

Director: Planning and Policy Coordination

Western Cape Department of
Environmental Affairs & Development

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