ACERC participate at IENE Workshop in Tirana to Examine the Development of Albania’s Hydroelectric Potential

A one-day workshop on the utilization of Albania’s significant
hydroelectric potential is convened by the Institute of Energy for SE
Europe (IENE) in Tirana on June 3, 2016. This special IENE event,
organized in cooperation with Albanian counterparts and under the
auspices of the Albanian Ministry of Energy and Industry and of the
Greek embassy in Tirana, will examine the further exploitation and
expansion of Albania’s hydropower sector and propose a viable strategy
for sustainable development.

The workshop will also examine the
role of Albania’s hydroelectric potential in terms of electricity
exports to the surrounding countries thus contributing to the
improvement of energy security in the West Balkan region and SE Europe
in general. The need to attract and accelerate investment for the
construction of both small and large hydropower plants in Albania but
also to maintain and upgrade the existing infrastructure will be
highlighted in this highly focused IENE workshop.

developments in energy regulation as well as the optimal use of energy,
water management, rational operation of hydropower plants, the
electricity supply and demand situation, the lack of sufficient grid
connections and the country’s long-term commitment to achieve greater
diversification in power generation, are some of the important issues
that will be discussed during the workshop.

Furthermore, this IENE
event will review latest research and market developments in Albania’s
electricity and hydroelectricity sector. Key energy policy issues,
including administrative, financial and non-technical obstacles which
hinder investment will also be also further discussed. Also, a number of
completed and planned hydroelectricity projects will be presented by
executives of the companies involved.

Albanian, Greek and
international experts and companies, will participate in this one-day
Workshop which will aim to highlight the important issues of the sector.
Greece’s Public Power Corporation (PPC) is the lead sponsor of the
event while several local companies have also pledged important support.

of the Workshop is by invitation only and is open to all IENE members.
In order to attend it is important to register by completing the
Workshop registration form and forward it to IENE offices by May 30th,
2016. Registration forms are available by visiting the workshop’s banner
on this site.

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