Medreg 20th General Assembly Paves the Way for Stable And Integrated Mediterranean Energy Markets, Tirana, 3 December 2015

The Albanian Energy Regulator (ERE) kindly hosted
today the 20th General Assembly (GA) meeting of the Mediterranean Energy
Regulators (MEDREG) in Tirana that approved 6 working groups reports.

The GA approved a comprehensive review that describes
the results performed by the Association in the last 2 years in the overall
framework of the evolution of the Mediterranean energy sector. Regulatory achievements at national level from both
the Southern and the Northern shore of the Mediterranean represent a consistent
step forward towards regulatory harmonization in the region. Progress made by Southern shore regulators is in line
with the recommendations issued by the Association.

Fact-findings from the
document include several steps forward made at national level:

– the process of establishment of the Moroccan
electricity regulator and the Egyptian gas regulator is advancing;

– the reinforcement of institutional cooperation with
Euro-Mediterranean energy stakeholders;

– the enhancement of knowledge about good regulatory
principles and practice among Southern shore members as well as intensified
exchange and publication of data on Mediterranean gas and electricity markets.

During the Assembly MEDREG also presented and
discussed two important results that will shape the future activities of the

1. Cooperation between MEDREG and Med-TSO in the
framework of the Euro-Med Platforms: in the context of the Union for the
Mediterranean (UfM) Regional Electricity Market (REM) Platform, Mediterranean
Energy Regulators, in collaboration with the Association of Mediterranean Transmission
System Operators (Med-TSO), is intensively working on a roadmap proposing 4 steps
to promote the progressive integration of power systems and markets in the
EuroMediterranean region. Further discussions will take place in Brussels with
the UfM, the European Commission and the REM Platform participants by the end
of 2015.

2. Mediterranean Financial Sounding Panel for Energy
Regulation (Med-FPE): MEDREG GA approved the creation of a Mediterranean
Financial Sounding Panel for Energy Regulation (Med-FPE) with the aim to
increase interactions with international financial institutions (IFIs) active
in the Mediterranean energy sector. This activity follows the work initiated by
MEDREG in June 2015 with the publication of the report: “Interconnection Infrastructures
in the Mediterranean: A Challenging Environment for Investments”, testifying for
the strong commitment of the Association on investment issues.

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