Austrian Kosovo Energy Day 2015, 18th of November 2015, from 90.00 to 13.00, UBT Campus

Austrian Kosovo Energy Day 2015

Organized by Austrian Kosovo Society and UBT the University
for Business and Technology Kosovo in coordination with the Ministry for
economic Development and interested stakeholders to be defined

Objective is to promote, discuss,
analyze the Kosovo Energy Sector and propose solution and success models based
on Austrian Model or similar best practices working successful in other EU
member states.

As a follow up on the Kosovo
Austrian Industry Day successfully concluded on the 7th of October
the objective is to discuss the integration of the energy reform agenda with
the industrial potential and reform agenda in this vital sector and so
significantly improve the economic development of Kosovo on its way to EU and
to intensify Austrian Kosovo cooperation in the area of industry and energy and
to promote economic development in the sector and set Kosovo on a new growth
trajectory improving the employment situation in Kosovo and supporting the faster integration of the Kosovo in the
European Union.

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