Tirana International Fair, Palace of Congress, 21st – 25th November 2015, Tirana, Albania. Published on Tuesday, October 13th, 2015

Klik Ekspo Group
is delighted to invite to 22nd Tirana International Fair, the event that has already turned the Albanian Capital into a meeting point of networking opportunities and
interactions and which comes this year with a renewed Business-Culture-Coexistence theme.

Sectors in focus

Klik Ekspo Group’s 22nd Tirana International Fair is open and ready to launch your small enterprise, new products, committed exploration of new markets, whatever the targeted sector will be: Energy,
Construction, Transportation, Environmental Protection, Food and Agriculture Industry, Financial Services, Tourism and Development Projects, Art and Culture, etc.

Simultaneous events

Expo-Convention Energy Full screen, is organized in cooperation
with the
Ministry of Energy and Industry and brings a new concept as reinforced by the milestones stirred by the demands of international investors of the sector to have a broader picture about the investment
opportunities and to providing smart solutions for energy and energy efficiency,
proposals of alternative resources, among which the use of gas with the construction of the TAP makes up the
historical milestone.

The Event is proposed with
concentrated formula
promote this
key moment: the variety of sectors, layered socio-economic
realities to which it addresses, economic benefits, internationalization of Albanian values in the
region and in the
entire TAP route.

Expo Transport,
is introduced
with the Ministry
and Infrastructure, following the experience of the last edition (November 2014) with a concept based on
the requirements
of international investors of the sector, to have a thorough picture about the
investment opportunities in Albania for the priority sectors, and participation in public procurements
bids, involvement in projects of special importance as the start of Arber road, renewal of road network and
traffic system, privatizations and
significant concessions.

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