ACERC Participate as Official Supporter at the Energy Market South East Europe 2015, ACERC Note 14 September 2015

Dear all,

Acerc as official supporter of the Energy Market South East Europe 2015 with great pleasure invite you to join the
International Conference Energy Market South East Europe 2015,
which will be held on the 15th and 16th October
with an accompanying exhibition, in Swiss Diamond Hotel in
Prishtina, Kosovo.

This year Energy Market South East Europe 2015 will be
dedicated to present the energy situation in South-East Europe in all its
breadth and closeness of the related fields of energy industry.

Important issues will be discussed:

· Renewable Energy and Energy Efficiency – The
opportunities and perspectives of the South East European Energy Market

· Energy Security and Supply – Energy
Security for the Gas and Electricity Market in South East Europe

· Liberalization of the Energy Market – Southeast Europe’s
energy markets of tomorrow – Where are we heading?

By the narrow focus on the energy industry of the conference Energy
Market South East Europe 2015
, it provides participants a wide spectrum of
possibilities for promotion, cooperation and exchange of opinions and beyond.

Please be informed that the number of participants is limited. For
better planning, please register online until 02 October 2015 and get 20%
discount by using this invitation code: EMSEE-020-2015- GEN

Registration link:

Your attendance will gladden and honor us.

With best regards,

Arta Shehu & Vjosa Kupina

Conference Management

Energy Market South East Europe 2015

+381(0)38 223 482

+381(0)38 223 482

+49 (0)231 840 101 35



ACERC announce the preparations on IEI Albania Energy Conference, ACERC 13 September 2015

Dear Colleagues,

It is with great pleasure
that ACERC announce the staring of preparation on IEI Albania Energy Conference as local
partner of International Energy Investments. We know that the success of the
conference depends ultimately on many people who work in planning and
organizing both the program and supporting arrangements. Then, we want to
invite all Energy Experts, Speakers and Program Adviser to a preliminary consulting
for offering their idea and suggestion on organizing the agenda.

As known, the Albania is transforming
in a key point of the energy business gateway to the Western Balkans. IEI
Conference will be a niche conference in the region aiming to attract over 250
attendees. Then sponsors can benefit from exposure to a wide range of
stakeholders from the energy industry, as well as high profile delegations and
almost unlimited networking opportunities.

IEI Conferences provide a large-scale
conference program with workshops, case studies and panels. The IEI Conference of
Tirana promises to capitalize on the previous international edition success and
achievements and reach new and greater heights. Then, we look forward to your valued
participation as a visitor, exhibitor and delegate at conference and together to
face the ‘Opportunities in the Region’.

For more on organisation and
logistic aspect put in contact: Dr Lorenc Gordani, Country Partner + 355 69 95
32 443 and about the full details of exhibition or sponsor packages put
in contact: Tatyana Medvedeva, Conference Director +1 (773) 649 1787

Thanking for all the
attention we are looking forward to your collaboration!

Dr Lorenc Gordani

Chairman ACERC

Registration is now open for CEER 2015 Customer Conference Retail Energy Markets: A “New Deal” for Consumers

Dear Sir/Madam,

CEER is pleased to invite you to its 4th Annual Customer Conference on Tuesday, 20 October in Brussels (Borschette Center). The theme of the conference is “Retail Energy Markets: A “New Deal” for Consumers”.

This year’s Customer Conference will be centred around the European Commission’s recently published Retail Market Communication and our own (soon to be published) CEER paper on well-functioning retail energy markets.
One breakout is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between regulators and consumer bodies. Another will facilitate efforts to improve the comparability of offers. Session 3 will focus on competition and the consumers while the fourth and final session addresses the important issue of innovation – an issue which is very much linked to our ongoing work on distribution system operators.

The Draft Agenda for the CEER 2015 Customer Conference can be found here.

The deadline for registrations is Tuesday 6 October 2015. (Please note that participation is free, but interested parties must register as places are limited and will be subject to confirmation). Please register online here.

Open government, engaged citizens: a learn-and-show initiative to make open government partnership work, Balkans OGP dialogue 2015, 10-11 September 2015, Tirana, Albania

Open Government Partnership (OGP) is an international platform for domestic
reformers committed to making their governments more open, accountable and
responsive to citizens. Since its launch in 2011, OGP has grown from 8
countries to 65 participating countries. What is unique to OGP is that it
brings together engagement and action from governments and civil society alike.

have shown a willingness to adopt the OGP principles and deliver on OGP commitments
on openness, inclusiveness and accountability towards their citizens. On the
other hand, there is an undeniable role for civil society, acting as a powerful
engine fueling the process and in some cases as the driving force pushing their
governments to take responsibility for open government.

event comes at an important time for the countries of the Western Balkans.
Albania, Macedonia and Montenegro joined the OGP in December 2012, whilst
Serbia joined in April 2013. All four signatory countries are currently
preparing and/or implementing their National Action Plans 2014- 2016. In June
2014, Kosovo made a commitment to join the OGP, and in September 2014 Bosnia and
Herzegovina became the latest signatory country of the OGP.

Balkans OGP Dialogue will present an excellent opportunity for the Open
Government movement in the Western Balkans countries and beyond. The main
objective will be to launch a Forum where participants will reflect on
effective initiatives to further open government and on challenges and
obstacles to open government, and how to overcome them. Participants will
return home inspired and equipped to pursue an even more ambitious OGP agenda.

the activity will aim to foster inclusive, accountable and transparent
governance and policymaking through enhanced civil society expertise and
strengthened dialogue between civil society and governments within the
framework of the OGP. Participants will share experiences from their respective
countries of how openness can improve public services, drive economic growth,
reduce poverty and corruption, and restore public faith in government. Finally,
the activity will place Regional Cooperation centre-stage as a key priority.
The regional approach will serve to highlight good practices and successful
initiatives, address the challenges faced, and establish regional support and
peer-exchange mechanisms.


Balkans OGP Dialogue agenda will be designed to encourage participants to learn
from others about effective efforts to strengthen open government and on the obstacles
to open government, and how to overcome them. It will facilitate reflection on
the results achieved to date, set ambitious new commitments for greater
openness, and demonstrate what transparency really means for people on the
ground. The participants will include:

High-level representatives from Western Balkans governments;

CSO representatives working on OGP from all WB countries, and CSOs from other European
countries (e.g. Georgia, Estonia (open budget), Moldova etc); OGP CSO coalitions
already established in WB countries; Members of parliaments from Western Balkans

OGP coordination teams from WB governments already working on OGP
implementation at national level;

Local government representatives/authorities from WB countries;

International participants – US government, UK government, EU representatives,
OGP steering committee, OGP Support Unit, leading open government experts;

Representatives from the private sector and businesses from the WB countries;


Balkans OGP Dialogue will include a range of dynamic, interactive sessions
organised in a wide variety of formats, including:

High-level political commitment to OGP and EU accession – The Western Balkans countries
share at the levels of both government and citizens an overall commitment to EU
accession, but face a long road in transformation towards EU membership:

Panels/case studies on the five grand challenges of OGP –1) Improved public

Enhanced public integrity; 3) Effective public resource management; 4) Safe communities;
5) Increased corporate accountability.

Workshops on citizens’ consultations – Sessions will aim to provide a holistic
overview of citizen engagement through interactive videos, resources, and

Open Parliaments – Sessions will aim to foster a culture of parliamentary
openness, focusing on parliamentary measures to ensure inclusive citizen
participation and a free civil society, and to enable effective parliamentary
oversight of government actions.

Civil society sessions on influencing policymaking and holding governments to account
/ WB countries OGP CSO coalitions will lead the sessions. The focus will be
given to reports and analysis prepared by the Independent Reporting Mechanism
in different countries.

Local government – Transparency is the foundation of local accountability; it
gives people the tools and information they need to enable them to play a bigger
role in society. However, to date, the WB countries have failed to undertake
OGP commitments at the local level. Sessions will encourage governments and
CSOs to work together and extend the OGP at local government level as well.

Peer learning – representatives from countries – government, civil society and
IRM researchers – will have an honest dialogue with each other and with actors
from other countries on what works and what doesn’t

OGP Basics – Introducing OGP to newcomers with an emphasis on core aspects like
civil society engagement and the Independent Reporting Mechanism

Acerc as Official Supporter at 10th Annual Global LNG Tech Summit, 28-30 September 2015, invite to find the reasons why to join us this September in Barcelona, Spain

Dear Member,

Every so often a
technology or idea comes along so potent that it pervades the way every
industry in the world operates. The ‘Internet of Things’ is one such

It’s effect on the
LNG Industry may seem distant, but the benefits of IoT systems are hard to
ignore. After all, cost reduction through predictive maintenance, machinery
learning and holistic supply chain optimisation are goals well worth pursuing.

Smart plants are
coming and they will change the way your industry works. Martign Hoogendoorn,
Architect at Microsoft completes the Global LNG Tech Summit agenda to explain

Taking place on the
28 – 30 September in Barcelona, the summit brings you up to the minute LNG
technology intelligence from projects and experts around the world.

Hear FLNG project
updates from the key EPCs and operators involved. You’ll discover their secrets
to success and learn hard lessons the easy way.

Small Scale LNG is
another big talking point this year with a host of innovative technology
providers on hand to offer advice and solutions.

You won’t finder a
more succinct picture of the future of LNG technology anywhere else. The agenda
is packed full of project optimisation tactics and strategies. The networking
hall is a hotbed of technical knowledge and experience.

With project
margins pushed to the limit, can you risk missing out?

You can sign
up online here
in less than 10 minutes.

Feel free to reply
to this email or give us a call (+44 (0) 20 7202 7700) with any questions you
have about the summit.



ACERC participate as Official Supporter at 2nd IEI Turkey Energy Investments Conference 2015, Istanbul, Turkey between 10-11 September 2015

Dear Member,

The rush hour as began for the 2nd IEI Turkey Energy Investments
Conference 2015, Istanbul, Turkey between 10 – 11 September 2015.

participate at Conference as Official Supporter of the all activity: a bigger
event of autumn in the Capital of new upcoming Hub of Energy for all the

the best to the colleagues of IEI and waiting for the next event to be organise
in Tirana as the best start for the new Hub of Gas for the Western Balkans.



8th Balkan Energy Finance Forum 20-21 October, Metropol Palace Hotel, Belgrade Serbia

Meet Leading Energy Developers, Financiers & Investors in One Place
and Gain Leverage in What Promises to Be the Most Exciting Marketplace in the
Coming Years!

Our 8th annual Southeast Europe Energy event will unite key
players from across the Energy industry, from both private and public sectors,
tackling key issues facing market developments in light of current sector
transformations and the emerging security of energy supply.

Focus will be paid to National and Regional energy policy aiming to
improve the present strength and future competitiveness of common Balkan energy
market. A major focal point of discussions is set to be opening of a regional,
Balkan Power Exchange and development of offshore gas potential in Croatia and
Montenegro along with up-to-date development plans for Albania’s hydrocarbon
and hydro resources.

Moving away from generic Energy discussions, our 8th annual
event will highlight the bankability of Energy projects for private sector
investors, including expert scrutiny of risks and challenges from a range of
international professionals, utilising real life case studies of successful and
stalled projects, as well as offering in Gas and Electricity Infrastructure,
Wind, Solar, Hydro, Energy Efficiency and Alternative Sources.

Programme Highlights

Hear about the most
current energy issues and challenges facing Balkan countries to identify
lucrative new markets for business growth. Key points of discussion include:

– Opening
of the Balkan Power Exchange

Investments in electricity infrastructure: Where to find the capital to build
grids and support generation projects

Attracting other sources of gas into the energy mix: Adriatic Sea, Eastern Mediterranean,
Turkmenistan and Iran

– EU 2020
objectives: How close is the Balkan region to meet targets and what measure
will be taken to meet them?

– Where
is the best market for hydro investments?

Regulatory struggles in renewable energy Investment. What kind of guarantees can
investors expect?

Developing & financing energy projects

– How can
and should the region attract foreign capital to the sector? What are investors’

Visit our website for further information: and Email: All ACERC
members are entitled to an exclusive 20% discount on registration.

Unconventional Gas Convention Africa 2015, Sep. 28-29th, Cape Town, Africa, Organize UGAS SZ&W Group

Dear Member,

The first &
only African Unconventional Gas Convention will be held soon, taking place on Sep.
28-29th, Cape Town, Africa, Organize UGAS SZ&W Group.

The ACERC participate at conference as official supporter 2015 given the
possibility of 20% off discount tickets to all interested parties that want to
join the activity.

In disposal for
any further assistance you might need, thank you
again for following!

Lorenc Gordani