22nd Tirana International Fair at Palace of Congress, Klik Ekspo Group on November 21st to November 25th, 2015

Klik Ekspo Group is delighted to invite you to 22nd Tirana International Fair, the event that has already turned the Albanian Capital into a meeting point of networking
opportunities and interactions and
which comes this year with a renewed Business-Culture-Coexistence theme.

On November 21st to November 25th,
2015 at Palace of Congress, Klik Ekspo Group – an UFI Member Company, matured with the experiences and challenges that the exhibition
industry introduces every day, brings the exceptional episode of the annual event, which has now became a “Scepter” in the hands of Albanian and international entrepreneurs to open new trials of cooperation
and move bold investments forward.

22nd edition gets ready to surpass itself and
the annual figures, over 30 thousand visitors, a high
percentage of whom are trade Visitors, over 300 international exhibitors from over 30 countries across
the world in the past editions, as certified by ISF – Statistics Certification Institute – Bologna; these are just some of the real facts that guarantee each direct or indirect exhibitor of the involvement in one of
the most important events in
the Business Tirana and
in the Western Balkans.


Republic of China People’s
, is presented
for the third
edition consequently with entrepreneurs representing the most developed regions and willing to invest in the Albanian market open
cooperation in
the main sectors, and
primarily for the top sectors related to the
major projects, where Chinese entrepreneurs
stay in the first row: Shanghai Region, Anhui
Province, and Zhejiang, a record of over 50 companies
in the metallurgy industry, textiles,
porcelain, household appliances, furniture, etc. Pavilion of the Republic of China is organized
under the auspices of the RCG Group – Shanghai Business Consultant and CCIP Council for
Foreign Trade and Foreign Investment in the
People’s Republic of China.

EXPO Nations surprises this year by the joint participation of entrepreneurs from Ecuador, ready to network and
the market needs with food products.

Pavilion of Bosnia and
, persists
annual proposals in the construction and
industry, energy, aluminium
processing, furniture, etc. Foreign Trade Chamber of
Bosnia and Herzegovina is
also this
edition the promoter of multiplication of trade relations between our two countries, which reach an important stage as encouraged by the bilateral agreements signed between the governments that facilitate the movement between countries, eliminate tax barriers and foster economic cooperation.

Entrepreneurs from the Republic of Serbia, have now subscribed to Tirana International Fair and once again show the sustainability of trade volumes between the two countries in the last decade, displaying also in this edition construction materials, food and agriculture industry,
electrical materials, household appliances, etc.

Pavilion of Hungary, is introduced under the auspices of HIPA – Hungarian Investment Promotion
and will
once again show
at Tirana
International Fair the ability
Hungarian entrepreneurs to outline
their investments in Albania and willingness of Albanian counterparts to welcome
their business proposals and create a favourable business climate for starting up new collaborations.

Meanwhile, Italy,
Croatia, Greece, Poland,
Spain, Turkey, Macedonia,
Switzerland, France, Slovenia, Montenegro, Germany and Spain get ready to join the Show
and showcase: construction and infrastructure solutions, transport and telecommunications,
urban waste and environment protection, energy, food and agriculture,
tourism, etc. and regard the participation to the Show as an initial testing to create the grounds for co-operations and
check the feasibility
of their future investments.

Alb Dedication:

Considered to be devoted exhibitors and dynamic participants to business forums, attentive visitors who immediately absorb innovations and up-to-date technologies proposed in the exhibition
halls of Klik Ekspo Group, Albanian
steal the show at Tirana International Fair: even in this edition, the sectors that see them
protagonists and the business figures are evaluation motives and development
indicators. Special attention is paid for the start-up of handicraft enterprises
in the dedicated exhibition

Sectors in focus:

Klik Ekspo Group’s 22nd Tirana International Fair is open and ready to launch your small enterprise, new products, committed exploration of new markets, whatever the targeted sector will be: Energy, Construction, Transportation, Environmental Protection,
Food and Agriculture Industry, Financial Services, Tourism and Development Projects, Art and Culture, etc.


Expo-Convention Energy Fullscreen, is organized in cooperation
with the
Ministry of Energy and Industry and brings a new concept as reinforced by the milestones stirred by the demands of international investors of the sector to have a broader picture about the investment
opportunities and to providing smart solutions for energy and energy efficiency,
proposals of alternative resources, among which the use of gas with the construction of the TAP makes up the
historical milestone. The
with a concentrated formula to promote
this key
moment: the variety of sectors, layered socio-economic
realities to which it addresses, economic benefits, internationalization of Albanian values in the
region and in the
entire TAP route.

is introduced
with the Ministry
and Infrastructure, following the experience of the last edition (November 2014) with a concept based on
the requirements
of international investors of the sector, to have a thorough picture about the
investment opportunities in Albania for the priority sectors, and participation in public procurements
bids, involvement in projects of special importance as the start of Arber road, renewal of road network and
traffic system, privatizations and
significant concessions.

Created as a symbiosis between art and culture, one of the trademarks
of Klik Ekspo Group’s
Fairs is how participants exchange their cultures with the Albanian art coin. Artistic perspective of
Tirana International Fair is depicted this edition by the first International Watercolor
, a unique event
will display the original works
of over 161 artists from more than 50 countries worldwide.

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