Registration is now open for CEER 2015 Customer Conference Retail Energy Markets: A “New Deal” for Consumers

Dear Sir/Madam,

CEER is pleased to invite you to its 4th Annual Customer Conference on Tuesday, 20 October in Brussels (Borschette Center). The theme of the conference is “Retail Energy Markets: A “New Deal” for Consumers”.

This year’s Customer Conference will be centred around the European Commission’s recently published Retail Market Communication and our own (soon to be published) CEER paper on well-functioning retail energy markets.
One breakout is dedicated to strengthening the relationship between regulators and consumer bodies. Another will facilitate efforts to improve the comparability of offers. Session 3 will focus on competition and the consumers while the fourth and final session addresses the important issue of innovation – an issue which is very much linked to our ongoing work on distribution system operators.

The Draft Agenda for the CEER 2015 Customer Conference can be found here.

The deadline for registrations is Tuesday 6 October 2015. (Please note that participation is free, but interested parties must register as places are limited and will be subject to confirmation). Please register online here.

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