Croatia – Expect Oil & Gas Developments Soon Press release 15.06.2015

Croatia – Expect Oil & Gas
Developments Soon

Press release 15.06.2015

Summits organiser, IRN is delighted to announce that the 4th Balkans
Oil & Gas Summit will be held in Dubrovnik, Croatia.

This year’s
event, originally to be held in Athens, Greece, will now be hosted in
Dubrovnik, Croatia with the full support of the Croatian Ministry of Economy
and the Croatian Hydrocarbon Agency to bring to the Summit’s delegation a
highly valuable Balkans Summit on 23rd-25th September

The 4th
Balkans Oil & Gas Summit will also be held under the endorsement of the
Ministry of Energy and Industry of Albania, the Ministry of Economy of
Montenegro and the Federal Ministry of Energy, Mining and Industry of Bosnia-Herzegovina
with Government Officials joining from all over the Balkans region.

Croatia has
been attending and supporting the senior level meeting since its origination in
2012. Here’s what Alen Leveric, Deputy Minister of Economy said about the
Balkans Oil & Gas Summit;

“Since 2012, we had the unique
opportunity to annually report and promote all development stages of one of the
most important Croatian strategic projects – exploration and exploitation of
hydrocarbons (onshore and offshore).

In June 2015, Croatian government
published that three companies (Vermilion Zagreb Exploration, INA and Oando
PLC) will share six licences to explore for oil and gas in Croatia’s northern
Drava river basin and in the east of the country.

In January 2015, Croatia awarded 10
offshore oil and gas exploration licences for drilling in the Adriatic. Seven
licences went to a consortium of Marathon Oil and OMV, two to INA and one to a
consortium of ENI and Medoilgas.

With this in mind, Croatia is
definitely on their way of becoming an energy leader in the south-eastern
Alen Leveric, Deputy Minister, Ministry of Economy, Croatia

international and national oil companies have already confirmed their
participation in the Summit with the organisers expecting the attendance of 200
senior level executives.

of last year’s Summit can be viewed at the official YouTube Channel of the

More information
about the Summit is available on the website: and released bimonthly in
the Summit’s newsletter to which someone can subscribe here.

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