ACERC at the 10th Annual Global LNG Tech Summit, 28-30 September 2015, Barcelona, Spain, June 23, 2015

ACERC inform the participation at the 10th
Annual Global LNG Tech Summit, Hesperia Tower Hotel & Convention Center, 28-30
September 2015, Barcelona, Spain.

Published: June 23, 2015

Albanian Centre for Energy Regulation and Conservation (ACERC) inform the
taking part at the 10th Annual Global LNG Tech Summit, Sheraton
Hotel, Tirana, 28-30 September 2015, Barcelona, Spain.

scope of the summit is focus in the optimise LNG strategy with global end to
end technology developments both on and offshore. With the oil and gas industry
in crisis over falling prices, for many in LNG it is simply a waiting game.
However if you wait you will lose out to those who reinvest, upgrade and prepare.
The industry will recover. And when it does those best placed to take advantage of the surge in demand will reap the rewards.

technology is the key. It is an exciting time for LNG developments. Advances in
small scale, floating LNG and plant optimisation are changing the industry. The
Global LNG Tech Summit is where it can find out how. Celebrating the 10th
anniversary of the summit, this year addresses your biggest challenges in LNG
production and distribution. This is the only place where it can find strategic
LNG methodologies with end to end technology developments.

will be discuss the latest strategies for plant optimisation and project cost
reduction in both onshore and offshore LNG sectors. More specifically, it will
be learn about modular construction advancements, energy efficient developments
and the latest capability-based planning. The opportunities for ROI in small
scale LNG will be revealed with a focus on LNG bunkering, infrastructure
developments, LNG transportation and operation of small to mid-scale plants.
The intelligence on offer represents an invaluable resource to help in the
prepare for a rich future in the LNG industry.

in last want to highlight that the Summit is organised by WTG Events. For any
information on the Conference it is highly recommend the visit of the official
website and the take contact directly with Campaign
Manager Josh Lowth at or by calling +44 20 7202 7605.

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